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Here at Horton's Rehab Ranch, we’re committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause, "Helping People & Animals".

Jewell Horton has been a horse lover her entire life and started showing horses in 1988. In third grade she started her own business making beaded and holiday jewelry to save up enough money to build a facility and buy her own horse. In sixth grade, 1994, that dream became a reality and she bought an abused Chincotegue Pony mare, Clover. The wild pony taught her more horseman ship and they were doing “natural horsemanship” before that was even popular. Five years later she would meet Hugh, a city boy seeking solace in the small town of Burgaw. They were complete opposites, and became unlikely friends. Hugh would go with her to her friends farm where she worked and there he fell in love with a chestnut filly... He bought the filly to show and later breed. The unlikely pair became a couple and had goal to show and raise Appaloosas. Horton Farm was formed in 1999 as they set out on their new found dreams.

In 1999 Hurricane Floyd ravaged the North Carolina coast, including their Jewell's home county. That was Jewell's first taste in disaster response. Since 1999 Jewell has responded to several of our nations biggest disasters: Hurricane Charley in 2004 in FL, Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in MS, Hurricane Matthew in NC in 2016 & Hurricane Florence in NC in 2018. During Hurricanes Matthew & Florence, the shelter she manages - Pender County Animal Shelter, was the lead animal response & sheltering agency in both storms.

Her farm, Horton Farm, has been supporting our community members, agencies & animals in a variety of ways for decades. After continuing to see a need, Jewell decided to start a non-profit to further her efforts and in 2018, Horton's Rehab Ranch INC was founded.

Jewell has rehabilitated dozens of equines in her 20+ year career in animal welfare. She spent 16 years in the veterinary industry and took over managing the Pender County Animal Shelter in 2013. She has rehabilitated injured, malnourished and emotionally challenged horses personally & professionally. She has saved hundreds of animals in the field pre & post disaster response. Through her devotion to saving lives she has helped countless people. She encouraged and brought training for emergency response for Pender County Animal Shelter & Control.

​She has also seen the emotional support & comfort animals bring people in times of stress, due to mental or emotional disorders, and in every day life. In many ways this support goes both ways. Jewell wants to help bring accessibility to emotional support animals in the private and public settings.

Jewell's goal is to help increase awareness to disaster mitigation needs for pets & people, to help as many people & pets as possible through training, compassion, and with professional & community collaboration.

Just imagine what we can achieve together!

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Meet the Team

The team at HRR is the backbone to it's survival!  We do not have a volunteer program at this time due to insurance costs and property limitations, that's why this core group is SO vital to HRR's survival! However, our hundred of supporters are as EQUALLY important as these boots on the ground members!

It's takes a village to save the ones we do! 

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