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HRR Rescue / Rehabilitation Horses

Jewell Horton, our founder has rehabilitated nearly 100 horses in her carrier from traumatic injuries, starvation and behavioral conditions.  Intakes are on a case by case basis which is mainly dictated by HRR finances, estimated cost of care, space and time.

HRR works with law enforcement and animal control agencies on stray-roaming, surrender and neglect cases.  IF you are with a law enforcement or animal control agency and need assistance, please email Jewell for assistance with these types of cases.  Cruelty case assistance is often at cost for investigating agencies! Email hortonsrehabranch@gmail.com for information!

Below are a few galleries of some of the many horses the Jewell has rehabilitated in her 20+ year career.

2019 New Hanover County Woody Case

2019 Equines

Mr Potatoes 25+ yr old Paint Pony

Mr P arrived from western NC with unmanaged lamanitis and cushings disease. He had also not had routine dental care in a while. He had a reaction to vaccines or medication during his rehab and required some special care from team HRR and our wonderful Veterinarians, Reagan Equine in Wilmington NC.